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Under no circumstances can I ship out of the United States due to 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) of protected marine mammals. All packages are sent via USPS. Please contact before buying for expedited shipping.

It may take 1-3 business days for your package to be shipped out. A shipping confirmation number will be provided to track the package, once shipped. 

Refunds and Exchanges

If a package is lost in the mail, a claim can be filed. Refunds are done on a case by case basis, please send me a message if you are not happy with your item within 14 days of delivery.

Laws and Regulations

Only Alaskan Native people are legally allowed to harvest, craft, and sell goods made from marine mammals. Alaska Native peoples who reside in Alaska and dwell on the coast may harvest sea otters, seals, and sealions. The harvest must be accomplished in a non-wasteful manner.

Unaltered (tanned or untanned) sea otter, seal, and sealion parts or whole hides may be sold or traded to ONLY other Alaska Native peoples. Sea otter, seal, and sealion parts must be significantly altered into an authentic Native handicraft, by an Alaska Native person, in order for them to be sold to non-Alaska Native peoples. To be considered “significantly altered” the item must be no longer recognizable as a whole animal hide, and has been made into a handicraft or article of clothing.

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